Unlock Exclusive Fist Skins in Free Fire Max's Fist Royale Event

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The exclusive Fist Royale event in Free Fire Max offers players the chance to unlock special rewards, including the renowned Frozen Flame Fist and Flaming Fist skins. Running from February 24 to March 9, 2024, players can participate by spending diamonds for single or multiple spins. The e


The exclusive Fist Royale event in Free Fire Max has just been launched, providing players with the opportunity to unlock special rewards, particularly focusing on the renowned Frozen Flame Fist and Flaming Fist. This event has ignited a wave of enthusiasm among players who are eager to elevate their gaming experience with these exceptional skins.

Event Duration and Participation:- The Fist Royale event commenced on February 24, 2024, and is scheduled to conclude on March 9, 2024.- In order to participate, players are required to expend diamonds. They can opt for a single spin by spending 20 diamonds or 11 spins by spending 200 diamonds.- The event features random rewards per spin, and an enticing incentive is offered to those who complete 50 spins – a guaranteed grand prize that includes both coveted fist skins within 100 spins.

List of Rewards:- Legendary Fist Skins: Frozen Flame and Flaming- Blue Activewear- Office Hoodie

The Fist Royale event not only presents the opportunity to acquire the sought-after Frozen Flame Fist and Flaming Fist, but also boasts an extensive array of rewards, catering to the diverse preferences of Free Fire Max players.- Technological and futuristic male techwear pants- Stylish short blue skirt for a trendy look- Down shoes designed for men, providing both comfort and style- Violet sports shoes for a pop of color and athletic appeal- Full stealth backpack for a sleek and functional carry-all option- Arctic flame parachute for a cool and eye-catching descent- Various exciting weapon loot crates including Frenzy Bunny, Water Elemental, Time Travelers, FFWS 2021, Star Soul, Engineer, Deadly Bat, and Cheetah- Armor crate for added protection in the game- Supply crate containing essential items for survival and combat strategies


Free Fire Diamond: Usage and Acquisition

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