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First let's consider the obvious. One aspect of yoga is the focus on the body.

Fundamentally, yoga's goal for its disciples is to reach a place of permanent peace and balance. Proponents speak of a union of mind, body and spirit. The discipline is reported to have its origins Martha Stewart CBD Gummies in India as far back as 5,000 years but the first documented writings on the subject can be traced back some 2,000 years. A fad this is not.

Now, it is not the intent of this article to define yoga as a practice by detailing it's many types and claims, nor to suggest that it should be an exclusive alternative to other forms of anxiety attack treatments. What we do wish to explore is whether yoga for anxiety relief can be expected to provide some level of comfort for sufferers.

First let's consider the obvious. One aspect of yoga is the focus on the body. Some forms of yoga may have up to 70 poses per session and beyond. Actually, there are thousands of poses, known as actions. This can be strenuous and has the possibility, as all exercise does, to heighten positive mood responses. Studies are far from conclusive but there are indications that with modest exposure to yoga, one can expect to feel reduced levels of tension, tiredness and even anger. It is not a far leap then to conclude that this effect could lessen a person's level of anxiety. Other benefits such as increased balance, flexibility, range of motion and energy could also provide the sufferer with more physical confidence and ability to increase other activities that provide a distraction for worries, such as walking or swimming.




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