Glass wipes well and bright, ExtremeYee glass wipes experience

Glass wipes well and bright, ExtremeYee glass wipes experience

​I believe that for today's small partners, there are many digital products with glass design.

I believe that for today's small partners, there are many digital products with glass design. Such as tablet screens, camera lenses, mobile phone backs, and the glasses we wear every day. For these glass products, in order to obtain better optical effects, they often have a special coating. This makes us need to be especially careful when we need to scrub these glass surfaces. If we accidentally mix hard grit, it is easy to leave a permanent scar on the surface of the screen, the lens, and the phone.

If you want to use these glass products for a long time, especially for camera players, to achieve safe cleaning of the lens, it is natural to choose a set of ExtremeYee glass wipes. Glasses, computer screens, camera lenses, TV screens, mobile phone bodies, etc. can all be cleaned with it, and it is still very cost-effective and practical.

ExtremeYee glass wipes

Glass Wipes

The back of the package details the usage and details of the product. The mild, effective, safe and quick-drying formula is designed to not damage the coating, especially for your advanced digital devices and camera lenses.

The front of the box has a special break design, which can be easily broken with just a gentle pull, forming a quick pull-out exit. The cleaning wipes inside are individually packaged in individual packs, which are individually packaged each time they are used. Just take it out.

Independent pouch design, easy to tear and carry. For photography enthusiasts, it is convenient to carry a bag with you. When the lens is contaminated with dust and dirt, it can be cleaned in time to prevent the loss of lens coating.

After tearing, it has a faint alcohol aroma, mild and non-irritating, non-wetting, non-dropping, non-corroding coating, and the soft whole can directly and quickly clean the lens. Works in quick circles during application and dries quickly without leaving uneven wet streaks. Each can scrub more than two lenses, and can also be used to scrub two pairs of glasses. You can use a wet towel to wipe the surface of the phone after wiping the lens, and then it can also be used to clean the glasses, which will never be wasted.

Even the screens of tablets or mobile phones that are often operated with fingers can be easily and quickly wiped. ExtremeYee glass wipes have passed the detection of a variety of harmful substances and can also achieve 99.99% effective sterilization. It can be said that after scrubbing, we can improve our The health and safety index also makes the screen surface smooth and moist, smooth and easy to use.

If you are like me, you are also a user of various devices with glass lenses or small screens, then try choosing a set of ExtremeYee glass wipes.


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