How to choose an outdoor portable power supply

With a higher capacity, higher power and more stable reliability than rechargeable batteries, outdoor portable power supplies can be a godsend, especially in outdoor locations where there is no power supply. But do you know how to choose an outdoor portable power supply? Here SNJO teaches

How to choose an outdoor portable power supply

1. Look at the shell

Plastic shell insulation is good to avoid leakage, and can maintain toughness in low temperature. But heat resistance is not good, too hot will become soft and melt, easy to age and crack over time, the performance of heat dissipation is not good. The aluminium shell is fireproof, waterproof and drop-proof, and more durable. The aluminium shell is less dense, lighter and more portable, resistant to wear and tear, corrosion resistant and anti-static, better heat dissipation, and more suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments. However, the cost of an aluminium casing for outdoor power supplies is higher and naturally more expensive, and the casing is more difficult to repair if it breaks. Therefore, the choice of outdoor portable power supply shell depends on personal choice.

2. Look at the battery

Outdoor portable power supply batteries are generally ternary materials, mainly 18650 models, the advantages of light weight, small size, long life, high stability, in the lithium battery industry is the most widespread, the most mature a material. With the advancement of technology over the years, lithium batteries are becoming more and more reliable. Lead-acid batteries are heavy, short-lived and polluted, and have been eliminated by many battery manufacturers, so we should never buy this type of battery when choosing an outdoor portable power supply. Lithium iron phosphate battery is a new type of lithium battery, in theory is more stable and safer than ternary materials. So we buy outdoor portable power first choice is definitely lithium iron phosphate batteries, abandon lead-acid batteries.

3. Look at the capacity

The larger the battery capacity of the outdoor portable power supply, the longer the working hours, some manufacturers say how many watt hours (WH), but also how many mAh, 1 degree = 1000 watt hours = 1000 WH. general outdoor portable power supply is introduced with the corresponding electrical use of time, as 220V outdoor power supply, the capacity can reach 500wh-1000wh is sufficient. The larger the capacity, the heavier the natural weight will be, which is not conducive to our travel, we choose capacity enough for daily use on it.

4. Look at the power

How much power can the output of an outdoor portable power supply drive? Therefore we need to know the continuous and stable output power of the outdoor portable power supply, rather than the maximum power of the instantaneous, this we must ask clearly. There are generally two types of inverters for outdoor portable power supplies, namely square wave and sine wave. Square wave can carry the full power of resistive appliances, such as rice cookers, light bulbs, LED lights; but with inductive appliances to reduce some, such as chargers and fans. Sine wave is the same as the waveform of the socket we usually use at home, and can carry almost all the power of the appliance, and there is no noise when using it, but the heat loss is larger and the utilisation rate is not as high as that of square wave.

5. Look at the port

A good outdoor portable power supply will generally be equipped with a 220V wall plug interface (AC interface), preferably with a 12V DC interface, which can be used for lighting, and a 5V USB interface, which can be used for mobile phone charging. Considering the harsh outdoor environment, it is best to use gold or silver plated material for the output port, which can be more durable and corrosion resistant.


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