JERNANO: Revolutionizing Heating with Carbon Nanotube Film Technology

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JERNANO: Revolutionizing Heating with Carbon Nanotube Film Technology

JERNANO: Revolutionizing Heating with Carbon Nanotube Film Technology
JERNANO, a brand under Suzhou Jernano Nanotech, is at the forefront of developing and applying flexible heating technology based on carbon nanotube film. This innovative technology is transforming the way we approach heating solutions in various fields.Get more news about JERNANO,you can vist our website!

The Innovation
The patented new material from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the carbon nanotube film, possesses excellent electrothermal characteristics. It’s lightweight, flexible, bend-resistant, stable in performance, and supports washing. These features make it an ideal material for wearable heating technology.

Suzhou Jernano Nanotech has applied this carbon nanotube film to wearable heating technology, developing the JERNANO Carbon Nanotube Film Flexible Heating System. This system can be widely used in clothing, home textiles, physiotherapy, outdoor products, and more.

The Advantages
The JERNANO heating system is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and ultra-soft. It can heat up quickly and provide uniform surface heating. The system also offers precise temperature control, with a precision of up to 0.°C. It has multiple protections against overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits.

Moreover, the system is truly washable, withstanding more than 40 standard machine washes and 00,000 times of bending and rubbing. It also has a tensile strength of up to 00N.

Quality Assurance
JERNANO has obtained 65 invention patents and passed more than 0 rigorous tests and certifications, ensuring the quality of its products.

Application & Development Solutions
Jernano Nanotech provides intelligent heating system solutions for global customers in the fields of wearable clothing, home textiles, health physiotherapy, outdoor sports, and more. They offer mature heating solutions that can be quickly integrated into your products, significantly reducing the development cycle. For personalized needs, heating solutions, component shapes, quantities, colors, etc., all support custom development.

JERNANO is leading the way in the mass production and application development of carbon nanotube films. With its innovative technology and high-quality products, JERNANO is committed to providing intelligent wearable heating solutions for enterprise customers.