Canon IJ Setup Process - Steps to Connect With IJ Start Canon

In this blog post, we have explained the steps to set up the Canon IJ printer setup using the method. We have also explained the process of setting up both wireless and wired connections to Windows as well as Mac operating systems

What is

It's a simple and fast method that provides an option to connect your printer to other devices such as Windows, Mac or iPhone. In addition, is an web address that allows you to download drivers and software for the Canon printers for your device.

The site is utilized by all new users looking to set up their printer. Additionally, existing users of printers who want to upgrade their driver may also visit this website.

How do You Install Canon Printer Driver? start Canon

Installation Steps For Canon Printer Driver on Windows

  • As stated above, download your printers driver from Canon's website -
  • Then step is to open the downloaded driver file and click on the "Continue" option. After that, press"Next" to continue "Next" button.
  • You must now choose your country or region from the screen that appears next.
  • After you have signed, accept all of the "License Agreement" terms and click "Next".
  • Choose the connection method you want to use, i.e., "Wi-Fi Connection," "Wired LAN Connection," "USB Connection."

Setup Canon Printer On Windows (Wireless) - Using http ij start canon

  • The first step is to download and install your printer's driver from Canon's page.
  • After that, ensure that your printer is connected to the power supply and that it's turned on.
  • After that you need to open the downloaded file of driver setup , and then continue to click until the moment you are presented with a the screen, where you will see an the option to choose "Wireless Setup".
  • Once you have selected your wireless choice, open your Canon printer's screen, and then tap the"Setup WiFi.
  • Choose the settings for your device and click OK.

  • Then, choose Device SettingsLAN Settings , then press the "OK.
  • Open "LAN settings" and then select the 'Wireless Lan Setup' option and then press OK. The printer will begin searching for an access points.
  • Check that you're WiFi router is on.Then, the WiFi flash light will light up on the printer.

  • Then, a list of networks will be displayed on screen.Choose the WiFi networks from that list and click"OK".
  • Then it will ask for your WPA/WEP password (WiFi password).Enter the correct password below and click on the "OK" button

  • Within a matter of seconds, your printer will be connected to the WiFi network.
  • Therefore, following these steps, you will be able to quickly accomplish Canon ij wireless setup for your Windows system.
  • To ensure your printer is plugged into your Windows system take these steps:
  • First, open the 'control panel', then select the 'devices and printers' tab.
  • Verify that your printer appears in the next screen by clicking a the green check mark.If not, you must manually add it to the list by selecting the "Add printer.

  • You will now see the list of printers available on the screen.Choose the Canon printer from the list.
  • Click next, and wait for a several seconds for your printer to be added.
  • After it has been added when it is added, you will see the printer being added by an green checkmark.

Procedure in order to set up Canon Printer on Mac using

  • In the beginning first, download and install the driver at then proceed to following step.
  • Follow the steps outlined in the beginning section of this write-up to set up your Canon printing device on the exact same wifi network.
  • Then, open 'System Preferences' by pressing the Apple logo at the top right corner on your Mac.You can also start it by using the search option too.
  • Then click on the icon that looks like a printer that is known to be "Printers and scanners" from the System preferences window.

  • Simply click on the "+" sign present at the bottom right corner, after the pop-up window will pop up.

  • You'll find your printer's name on the left-hand pane of your screen if it's already connected to the network.Click it to start the configuration process.
  • Now, your printer will show the Green checkmark upon conclusion of the process.So, you are able to print one test print to confirm the printer's functionality.

How Do I Scan With Printer?

  • Then first, install your copy of the Canon IJ Scan Utility on the Canon support website -
  • After the program has been has been downloaded, double click it to run the software it on your PC.
  • After your installation is complete, install your Scan Utility, run it.
  • The printer will load paper into the scanner tray.
  • Select the Settings option, then click Scan Document.
  • After that, click on the Document and then adjust the settings as required.
  • Scanning should now be able to begin in the Canon printer.



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